Wraxall Wills

Collated by Mary Mason.


1511 Apr 26thSir Edmund Gorges, Knight.

Sir Edmund Gorges knight, Lord of Wraxall in Somersetshire. My body to be buried in the chauncell within the parisshe churche of All Seynts in Wraxall forsaid. To the high aulter of the same churche for forgotten tythings and offerings by me necligently doon 20s. To the same cathedral churche of Welles towards the reparacion of the same yerely in every quarter tempory as it is there used £3-6s-8d. Over this to the same churche of Wraxall a gowne of crymsyn velvet to make a peyre of vestments for the high aulter. To the same churche also in recompense of myn offerings beholden to divers places for me in my sekeness a chalice to the valeur of £5 to be occupied for all halowen. I will that there be song and said for my soule and all cristen soules a trentall of masses the day of my burying and the daye of my months mynde. Futhermore that every ordre of the 4 orders of freers at Bristoll syng and say also for my soule and all cristen soules a trentall of masses every ordre to have for their labor 13s-4d and a quarter of beyffe. To Yatton churche, clyvdons churche, Kyngeston, Walton, Weston, Porteshede, Clopton, Portbury, Estone, Lye, and Ashtons churche to every of theym 3s-4d. To Barowgurney churche 3s-4d and to the covent of the same 3s-4d. To the chapell of Burton 6s-8d. To Backwells churche 3s-4d. To Chelvys church 3s-4d. To the chapell of Naylsee 6s-8d. To Tykynham church 6s-8d. To my son William Goorges the maner of Birdecombe with all appurtenances lying in Wraxall, Naylsee, Tyknham and Porteshed. To my son William Gorges the hole house and the mogge house with all the appurtenances in the parisshe of Tykynham to hold the said maner of Birdecombe and the hole house and mogge house to him and his heyres in fee for ever. And if soo be that he dye without heyres then the said maner and the hole house and mogge house to remayne to the right heyres of me the said Sir Edmund Gorges. To my son John Gorges an annuytie of £6-13s-4d to be paid by my son Edward and of my wife Jane late the wife of Sir Morgan Kydwelly. I.e. £3-6s-8d. of the revenues and rents of my son Edward’s lands and £3-6s-8d of the revenues and rents of the lands of my wiffes jointer during his lif naturall yerely to be paid. To my son Edward Gorges a gowne of tawny velvet and a gowne of blake velvet, a doblett of cloth of gold a gowne of fine blake with a hode, a jacket of blake velvet garded with clothof golde. To my son William Gorges a gowne of blake velvet lined with sarsenett a jakett of velvet without slevys, a gowne lined with sarsenett a jacket of velvet without slevys, a gowne of tawny chamlett, a gowne of tawny cloth firred with blake bogee, a motley cotte. To Sir Theobald Piers vicary of Portebury to pray for me 40s. To my Lady Jane my wif all such goods which came by hir owt of Dorsetshire on this condition. In primus, to pay my son Jhon Goregs yerely during his lif £3-6s-8d of the revenues of hir jointer, to make my tombe at hir costes and charge drawing to the value of 20 mrk; she to pay for the chalice which ys bequethen to Alhalowen in recompense of myn offerings beholden for me, and to give to my son Thomas Newton and to my doughter Margarett a certeyn of all maner of stuff of householde to helpe them to begynne their householde, and also to pay my son William Gorgs yerely 40s during his liff to fynde a preest syngyng in Wraxhale for my soule and all cristen soules the space of 4 yeres fully to be completed and also paye fully and holly all my detts. And she this dooyng to have all hir forsaid goods etc.

Residue to Edward Gorgs my son and heyre whom I make my executor to dispose it for the welth of my soule and all cristen soules as it besemyth hym best to doo. And Thomas Jubbes lerneman supervosor and oversear having for his labor 40s.

Testibus Thomas Gyllyngham rectore de Wraxhale and Theobaldo Piers of Portebury.

 Proved at Lambeth April 3rd 1512.


1543 Jun 22 John Tynte of Wraxall, Somerset.

My soul to almighty God, our Lady St. Mary and all the companye of heaven. To be buried in the Church of Wraxall. 4d to mother Church of Wells. 6s 8d to the Church of Wraxall. 2s 4d to the Church of Bourton. To John Cocks 6s 8d. To Mr John Gorges, my godson a cow. Edward Tynte to be my ex. To Joan Badman £10. She to be ruled by Edward Tynte and John Cocks. My daughter Joan Cocks. To each of the children of John Tynte a sheepe. My chaplain Sir William Durban, John Peyton my godson. Residue to Edward Tynte, Ex. Edmund Kene, Parson of Wraxall and John Cocks, my overseer. Edmund Ken, a witness.

Proved 14 Nov 1543.


1563 Jun 23. John Tynte of Wraxall.

Four children of my daughter Joan Tillye. Children of William Hawkins and Margaret my daughter. To George Tynte, a young horse. My daughters Mary and Johane. Residue to Alice my wife, and Robert my son.

Proved 22 June 1564.


1567 Sep 8 Thomas Morgan of Failand, Wraxall, Somerset, Gent.

To be buried in Portbury Church. To Edmund of Morgan, my eldest son, the house of Felonde, called Medes Court. The ground called Coltuckers and Sennars Court with another “roufles” (roofless) bargain, holden of Sir George Norton in Portbury. My 2nd son Thomas of Morgan, and to his heirs, my free land lying in Walles, and one copyhold of three acres, in the parish of Creche, Wales, Warren and that he shall not sell away the same. To my 3rd son William of Morgan, my house in Portbury, with another roufles tenement lying in the crosse tything, called Bullibrookes More and another bargainin the Tything of Caswell, called Bulkes. When my son William cometh of age, he to have to his use and profit, the eight kyne now in Portbury. Residue to my daughters, Elinor and Elizabeth. My eldest daughter Elizabeth, Extrix. If my three youngest children should die, their parts to remain for those who live. The stock of sheep which appertaineth to my son Edmund, shall remainand he to pay rent for them. Overseers, my brother in law, Mr. Powle Haull, John Fletcher and John Robins, they to see my children well bestowed and brought up in the Feare of God and to see their part of goods bestowed to their most advantage.

Proved 21 July 1567 by Elizabeth alias Morgan.



1577 Aug 4 Robert Tynte of Wraxall, Somerset.

To be buried at Wraxall. 4d to St. Andrew Church in Wells. To Cooldington, Havon, 4d. My brother in law John Tilly, one waine, one sallowe, one dragge, two yokes and two ropes, one acre of wheat and one of barley. My sister his wife, my late wife`s petticoats and two of her best kerchers. To everie of my godchildren 4d. To John Tyllies, Ellis Saunders, John Council and William Hawkins children, one sheep each. One penne to my sister Jane Counsail. All such stuffe as household as I shall leave unbequeathed, to my father in law John Weste, to the use of my executrix, to be delivered to my said child at the age of eighteen. If she should die, then to the children of the above. Joan Philips must have £18 by the gift of my late wife her mother. £8 13s 4d to be given more to make up to 40 marks in money. Agnes West my sister in law, my wife`s best hat and my best waistcoat. Residue to Mary Tinte, my daughter ex. My father in law John Weste, John Counsell, Edward Painton to administer Oct 23 1577. Again 1585 and 1589 on the oath of John Lovell. Proctor of Mary Tynte.

15 Aug 1596.


1570 Aug 25. Edmund Tinte of Wraxall, yeoman.

To be buried with my grandfather. My mother in law Ann Panter, widow.

John Tinte my son. My wife Elizabeth. My son William Tinte, land in Burton. Mt son Edward. My kinsman Edmund Tinte, the elder. 20s to Edward Geoges to be a good friend to my wife. £6 to Dame Catherine Moyle, praying her to remit all such trespasses, displeasures and demands, as have been heretofore between us.


1619 Oct 3 Thomas Richmond alias Sheppard of Wraxall, Somerset.

My wife Mary , Extrix: To my son Richard, land in Burton, bought of William Coxe, gent and in Wraxall bought of Thomas Allen, also land which I have contracted for with Thomas Allen and sir Robert Gorges, Knight. My son John Sheppard, To my daughter Mary Sheppard £40. To my daughter Elizabeth £100 at eighteen or marriage.

Proved 2 Jan 1619/20

Furthur Admon: 26 Oct 1626 to Thomas Waters, uncle of John, Mary and Elizabeth, their mother, Mary being dead.

Another Grant 8 Nov 1836 to Mary daughter of Thomas Sheppard and wife of Anthony Savery.


1642 Jan 26 Lady Dorothy Gorges (No parish mentioned)

To the poor £500, as my Exors may appoint. To Susanna Barford, my maid £80 and to Mary Poore my maid £60. To my cousin Nell £20. My cousin Samuel Barrett £20. My cousin Beneson £10. My cousin Nan Revins £20. My Aunt Catherine Meller £5. To Sir George Vaughan £20. To my brother Sir John Meller £20. To Wolley Meller £20. My Uncle Lawrence £20. My niece Florence Tate £20. My brother Wolley Meller to be Exor, “thou I think he will get little by it, yet I will bequeath him all my olde golde to help beare the charges,”  ect. “Pray lay my body into the earth without much noyse or test for I take great funerals to be vanities and therefore desire to have it according to my mind”. Dr. Earles and Dr. Morley to be Overseers.

Proved 11 Feb 1649/50 by W. Meller.


1663 Jun 22 Richard Bagnell of Wraxall, Somerset.

My Uncle John Seymour £10. My sister Elizabeth Lee £10. My sister Ann Wale. Residue to my mother Mary wife of William Wale, Extrix.

Proved 4 Oct 1670 by his mother.


1663 Dec 5 Benjamin Bridger of Wraxall, Gent.

To my daughter Sarah under 21, £300. My son Gabriel. My wife Dinah. Her father John Garworth. My daughter Elizabeth Peglar of Slymbridge co. Glouc. Widow of Andrew Peglar. My daughter Eleanor, wife of John Mayse of Bisseley co. Glouc.

Proved. 16 May 1663.


1666/7 Feb 14 John Vawer of Wraxall, Somerset, to his relict, Mary Vawer.


1667 Aug 17 Dr. Thomas Gorges, Rector of Wraxall and Prebendary of Westminster.

Constitutes Hugh Tynte Esq. To be his executor, provided the said Hugh Tynte shall refund, restore and release all the Church lands belonging to Wraxall, which he hath in his possession, which his father got of Ezekial Pounall, at play, of which I am witness, all those to be restored within 3 months, if not Richard Pyne to be Executor.

By a codicil he declares that as the lands are in possession of John Tynte, brother of Hugh Tynte, the above provision is revoked.

Proved. 3 March 1667/8.


1678 Apr 6 William Cox of Failand, Wraxall, Somerset, Gent.

My wife Francis. My son William. My daughters Rachel and Anna. Manor of Litton. My son Joseph Exor.

Proved 2 Dec 1681.


1688 Apr 13 Thomas Holt, Clerk D.D. Rector of Wraxall, Somerset.

To be buried in the Chancel of Wraxall. Poor of St. Andrews, Wells, Wraxall and Nailsey. To my son Francis £10 and profits out of the Rectory of Mudford. Residue to Catherinre Chapple of Portishead, my only sister. My son in law John Prickman of Wells, Gent, Exor. Robert Creighton D.D. and John day, Alderman of Wells, Overseers.

Proved 8 Apr 1689 by John Prickman.


1748 Apr 28 William Vawer, of Birdcombe Court, Wraxall, Somerset, Gent.

Household goods to my beloved and only child Elizabeth Vawer.Annuities of £10 each to my brothers John and Thomas Vawer. William, son of my brother James Vawer. My sister Hanna Butcher. Mill House etc in Wraxall. My late wife. Lands etc to Edward Kington of St. George’s, gent and Richard Blake in Trust etc.

Will Proved 2 Mar 1750 by Eizabeth Hollister, formerly Vawer, daughter of Testator.


 1749 Jul 10 Samuel Coopey, clerk. Rector of Wraxall.

To my two daughters Margaritta Matilda and Anne Coopey, £1000 each, to be raised out of the estate and from the money in the hands of Mr Jarrit Smith, of Bristol, being part of my legacy from Sir John Smyth, Bart. Deceased. To my eldest son Charles Brent Coopey £50 on condition of his not making any dispute concerning his Grandfather`s Will. To my son Humphrey Coopey, my books with the proviso that he and his brother John shall select some English Books proper for woman to be divided between my two daughters. Poor of Wraxall and Nailsey 40s for bread. The interest of the overplus to my unfortunate daughter Elizabeth Love during her life and £30 to her son Samuel, he to be put apprentice either to an Upholsterer or a Wine Cooper. To my son Samuel my silver tankard. To my son John 6 silver spoons, silver bowl and ladle, one tobacco candlestick, my tortoise shell tobacco box with my arms made for Sir John Smyth and his mother`s gold buttons. To Margaretta Matilda her mother`s diamond ring, largest silver waiter, coffee pot, pair of large candlesticks, tea spoons, tongs and strainer, 4 gilt eating spoons, the soup spoon, pair of canns, 2 old salts, my wife`s best gold watch, chain and cornelian seal, set in gold. To my daughter Anne her mother`s gold snuff box which was given her by Sir John Smyth`s first Lady, two best waiters, teapot and lamp, hand candlestick, salt cellars, sauce and other spoons etc my gold watch and seal which was my mother Brent`s and the silver sugar dish. To my son Humphrey Coopey, silver spoons, tobacco candlestick, caudle cup, silver tankard. Silver watch etc. to my son John Coopey, my wife`s picture, my own and my father Brent`s, now in the parlour. To Tilley my daughter my wife`s picture when she was a girl, now in the best chamber and my little picture drawn upon silver. To my daughter Anne another of my father and mother Brent`s pictures in the best room.

“1744 Dec 7 My wife died yesterday being Thursday Dec 6 at 29 minutes after 5 in the evening” and I transcribe this to fulfil my promise to her as near as I can. To Margaretta her mother`s Cabinet and silver scissor case. To Anne her mother`s case of pocket Instruments, her silver needle book and the little silver tun dish.

Proved 1750. The Rev. S Coopey was buried 7 Aug 1750.

Samuel Coopey married Margaret daughter of Mr Charles Brent, Rector of Christ Church and Vicar of St. Werburg`s Bristol.