Tickenham Marriages


Transcribed by Mary Mason.



These church records are very faded and any mistakes are mine.


1649            Edmund        Sarah

                   George Bush and Mary Bush, wid.

                  Thomas Dougier of Clevedon…………………

                  Richard Morgan and Alice……..wid.

                  William Burnt and Agnis Wilmott.

1650            Giles Doggatt of Clevedon and Mirrium Diggins, wid.

1651 May     John………of Nailsey and Abigail……..  

                  Robert Russell and Jane Bradford.

         Jul 31st   Thomas Phillips and Elizabeth Doughtie.

         Feb       Edward Wilmott of Portbury and Elizabeth Evans.

1652            John Smyth and Joane Payne.

         Mar      Mr Henry Lloyd of Bristol and Mrs Joane Hazell.

1653  Sep      Thomas Mubye and Mary Gough.


1655 The intention of marriage between:


1655 Aug 13th Giles Doggett, yeoman and Rose Guilford, wid.

         Oct 10th  Thomas Floudyatt, taylor and Elizabeth Barnes, singlewomen about 31 years.

         Oct 15th   John Gough, taylor about 24 years and Alice Newbourne about 21 years daughter of Richard Newbourne of Clevedon.

         Dec 22nd   John Chambers, yeoman about 31 years and Elinor Keen 18 years the daughter of Mary (now the wife of John Philips of Tickenham) 

1656 May     Giles Hemmings and Eleanor………

         Oct       John Lyne, husbandman about 49 years and Jane Hardwick aged about 34 years.

         Oct       John Wadington, yeoman about 37 years and  Jane Perkinson.

         Oct       Henry Wedmore about 30 years and Margery Court of Wraxall.

         Dec       John Green and Johane Kenrott.

1657 Mar 30th Richard Morgan, husbandman about 40 years and Margaret Llewellyn about 31 years.

         May 17th         James Russel about 26 years and Mary Chambers.

1658 Apr 23rd John Waddington………………..


1699 Jul 16th   John Burgess and Priscilla……..

1701 Dec 15st  Thomas Horwood and Mary Badman.

1706 Oct 13th James Keen and Mary Psalter.

         Jan 9th    Thomas King and Edith Hardwick.

1707 Jan 22nd  Thomas Davis and Mary Shuk.

1708 May 24th  William Keen and Anne Bullock.

1713 Apr 9th    Samuel King and Sarah Windsor.

1715 Feb 16th  Joseph Parnell and Sarah Allens.

1717 Aug 12th Thomas Hill and Sarah Hugh.

1718 Jun 2nd   Mr Isacc Chilcott and Mrs Mary Skinkern ?

         Jul 25th   James Willis and Anne Higgins.

         Jan 26th  Ephraim Tucker and Susan Rogers.

1720 Jan 15th John Burgess and Anne Morgan

1721 May 5th  Edward Bullock and Mary Williams.

         Aug       John Beacham of Banwell and Anne Kencott of Yatton.

1722 Feb 14th  John Summers of Clevedon and Hannah Welch.

1723 Aug 12th Elisha Bishop of Backwell and Mary Thomas.

1727 Jul 9th    Samuel Briant of Nailsey and Elizabeth Philips.

1728 Sep 19th  Samuel Cullimore of Portbury and Sarah Carter, wid.

         Dec 19th Robert Younge and Anne Wedmore.

1730 Apr 3rd William Bailey and Mary Huggins.

1734 Jul 11th   William Cole of Clevedon and Elizabeth Plumrey of Weston in Gordano.

1735 Mar      John Meager and Mary Philips.

         Mar 9th  William Porter ? and Hannah Sharp.

1735 May 25th John Briant and Sarah………..

1736 Jun 27th   John Ticknel and Mary King.

1737 Nov 10th  Thomas Comb of Nailsea and Elizabeth Hort.

1738 Nov 14th James Cullimore and Lettice Thorne of Weston in Gordano.

1743 Apr 4th   William Bailey and Sarah Knight.

         Apr 7th   Samuel Hooke and Sarah Dickerson.

1744 Apr 30th Obadiah Barrett and Mary Cooke.

1747 Oct 18th  Christopher Philips and Mary Bullock.

1748 Jun 9th    William Worman and Mary Morgan.

1749            Edward White of Churchill and Elizabeth Combs.

1749            William Baily and Ushley Williams.

1750 Mar 31st The Rev. Mr Benjamin Wyhe? (smudged) and Miss Ann J…….

         Apr 3rd  Edward Sandy and Eleonor Dudding.

         Jun 5th   Thomas Budge and Mary James.

1752            James Bullock and Anne Cole.