Portishead Marriages

Transcribed by Mary Mason.



b = bachelor.  s = spinster.  w = widow/widower.  lic = licence.


1754  June 2nd             Thomas Pope and Elizabeth Husen.

1755  Apr 10th          Thomas Stretch and Mary Camplin of Weston.

         Apr 22nd          John Gould of Clapton to Hannah Hisgar of Clapton.

         Mar 31st          John Gayden and Mary Dobbs.

         May 19th       James Lane to Hannah Dandy.

         Dec 1st          Thomas Batten to Betty Griffin.

1756 Sep 23rd            James Dean to Betty Batten.

1757  Jul 7th               John Osmond to Mary Baker.

1758  May 2nd          George Smith to Betty Hilling.

         May 22nd       John Wyllimot to Elizabeth Vawer.

         Aug 14th        James Connell to Katherine Blisse.

         Sep 25th         Joseph Ashford to Ann Pruet.

         Oct 16th         Godwin Stanbury to Margaret James.

1759  Apr 16th          Samuel Dando of St. George to Elizabeth Batten.

1760  Feb 11th          John Pearce to Dinah Lovel.

1761  Jan 19th            John Holby to Betty Clemens.

1762  Feb 21st              Lewis Hernyman (signed as Harnam) to Ann Membery.

         Oct 28th         John Cooling to Mary Batten.

1763   Jan 9th          John Wakefield of St. George to Hannah Hippersley.lic.

         Feb 22nd        Benjamin Dando of St. George to Sarah Batten.lic.

         Apr 14th        Samuel Alvis of Clapton to Grace Vawer.

         Apr 14th        Samuel Sharp of St. Michael, Bristol to Ann Boulter.lic.

         Jul 18th          William Pruet to Mary Eustace.

         Sep 26th         Samuel Cullimore to Frances Barrat.

         Sep 26th         John Philips of Tickenham to Elizabeth Chapman.lic.

1765  Apr 11th          John Buck to Sarah Dander.

1766  Mar 29th         James Young to Edith Yeeles.

         Dec 21st         Natham Feates? To Rachel Hernyman.

1767  Apr 23rd         John Yeeles to Jane Dastin.lic.

         Apr 23rd        Isaac Roach of Magotsfield, Glou to Jane Withers.lic.

1768  Jan 25th           William Vawer to Dinah Milsom.

         Jun 25th         John Willmot to Sarah Emery.

         Oct 3rd          James Gould to Mary Philips.

1769  Oct 2nd               John Pearce to Betty Gyles.

         Oct 5th          John Thomas to Rebecca Buck.

         Oct 29th         George Simmons to Ann Simmons.

1770 Jun 25th           Thomas Ashford to Mary Cullimore.

         Oct 22nd        John Backhouse of Evercreech to Ann Chapman.lic.

         Dec 18th        Jonathan Jones of Bristol to Jane Thompson.

1771 May 27th         James Baily to Ann Thomas.

         Aug 19th        John Rowland to Ann Poole.

         Nov 5th         Robert Dodd to Mary Carey.

1772  Jan 1st            Richard Ashford to Anne Watkins.

                           James Cole and Mary Ware of Nailsea published banns.

1773  Sep 1st            Richard Ashford to Anne Watkins.

1774 May 23rd         John Higgins to Mary Ashford.

1775  Feb 6th            John Wade of St. George to Rachel Atkinson.        

Feb 13th         WilliamPlumly to Mary Blackmore.

N.B. It appearing upon enquiring that the above William Plumly and Mary Blackmore were both inhabitants of Walton. They were married again in Walton Church the Sunday following by me. Joseph Easterbrook. Curate.

Jul 16th          Joseph Simmons to Ann Young.

Dec 4th          Ralph Bessant and Elizabeth Bullock.

1776 Apr 15th          John Fry to Hannah Sandey.

1777 Jan 24th           William Bailey to Amy Tomkins.

         Mar 30th        Samuel Hodges, b. to Hannah Cottle.s.

Mar 31st        James Harptrey to Hannah Smith of Walton in Gordano.

         Apr 7th          Thomas Carey to Hannah Dobbs.

         Apr 8th             William Wall to Mary Sharp of Weston.

1788 May 4th           Thomas Harris of Clapton and Hannah Carey.

         Oct 12th         William Carey, yeoman, to Ann Bailey, wid.

1779  Apr 4th           John Edwards, b. to Mary Sandy of Clapton.s.

         Aug 31st        William Penny to Sarah Owlidge.

         Oct 13th         Isaac Emery, b. to Ann Atkinson.s.

         Nov 28th        James Fray of Clapton to Jane Hartry.s.

1780  Mar 28th         Joseph Ashford to Mary Ceary.

         Sep 12th         Thomas Mitchell  to Maria Lilly.

1781  Jan 9th            John Dowtney of Shapwick, Som to Mary Cole.lic.

         Mar 29th        Samuel Hodges to Mary Stevens.

         Apr 3rd         James Manfield to Mary Carey.

1782  Sep 10th          William Bound to Rachel Buck.

1783  Apr 30th          James Doughting to Sarah Harding.

         Apr 14th        Nathaniel Hemmings to Mary Camplin.

         Apr 21st        Richard Durbin to Hester Bound.

         Sep 15th         James Harris to Mary Slocombe.

1784  Jan 16th           George Watts of St. George to Elizabeth Atkinson.

         Apr 11th        Thomas Hartree to Hannah Ashford.

         Jun 20th         Robert Newman to Mary Gold.

1785  Jan 17th           Richard Howl of Wraxall to Hannah Smith.

           ?   25th         James Eddington of Kingston Seymour to Hannah Hayman.lic.

         Jun 27th         James Ball to Martha Lovell.

         Aug 3rd         William Lovell to Rachel Godfrey.

         Sep 5th          John Kitchen to Mary Parsons.

1786  Jul 11th           James Parsons to Sarah Westly.

         Sep 21st         Robert Eames to Mary Bead.

         Dec 25th        John Newman to Ann Reed.

1787  May 7th             John Pope to Hannah Edwards.

         Aug 2nd         John Pruet to Ann Cary.

1788  Feb 24th          James Dwyer of St. Stephen, Bristol to Ann Ritchy.

         Mar 23rd        Joseph Weeks to Betty Watts.

         Apr 14th        Joseph Bryant to Elizabeth Teague.

         Dec (banns)    John Russell of Portbury to Elizabeth Williams.

         Apr 20th        Thomas Dawbin to Ann Neads.

1789  Apr 30th          Samuel Ofer to Pricilla Bawdrip.

         Jun 22nd        John Gold to Mary Peddle.

         Aug 6th          Thomas Cooke to Sarah Gayner.

1789  Dec 29th          James Russell of Portbury b.to Elizabeth Williams.s.

1790  May 22nd        James Vowles to Betty Pearce.

1791  Apr 11th          William Durbin of Nailsea to Mary Lovel.

         May 2nd        Thomas Harding to Sarah Simmonds.

         May 9th         Jacob Hack to Rebecca Calcot.




         John Cole widower, occupying a dwelling house in the Parish of Weston in Gordano in the County of Somerset, Lab. and Anne Mitchell, wid lodging in a dwelling house belonging to Mr. A.B. Pritchard within the Parish of Portishead in the County of Somerset, intend to be married by banns and dated this 22nd day of Sep. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Two.