Portbury Marriages

Translated by Mary Mason.



 b = bachelor.  s = spinster. wid = widower or widow. lic = license.


1754   Jun 14th         William Gate, cordwainer to Frances Warman.s.

         Oct 21st         John Yeeles, husbandman to Grace Cox wid.lic.

1755   Apr 3rd          John Atherton, farmer to Hannah Cox, wid,lic.

         Apr 24th        Frances Beaver, wid, to Betty Loscomb, wid.

         May 13th       Thomas Briant, miller to Jane Thomas, wid.

         Oct 27th         William Sully, mariner to Mary Morgan.s.

1756   Jan 14th           John Cooling, lab. to Ann Parton.s.

         Jan 19th         John Dowling, lab. to Margaret Phelps.s.

         May 17th       Thomas Simons to Mary Harris.s.

         May 31st       John Hunt to Betty Jennings.

         Jun 28th         William Bull, carpenter to Mary Leech.s.

         Jul 15th          Thomas Livesly of Temple, Bristol to Elizabeth Ford.

         Sep 27th               Mr. Lovell Watts, apothecary to Grace Bathe of Wrington, Som.s.lic.

         Oct 28th         John Durban, blacksmith to Katherine Carter.s.lic.

         Nov 14th        William Reed of Portishead to Elizabeth Hollyman.s.lic.

         Dec 17th        Thomas Heake of St. George, tidewaiter to Margaret Davis.s.

1757    Jan 3rd          Thomas Ballard to Elizabeth Wade, wid.lic.

         Apr 11th        John Hine of Wraxall to Elizabeth Wall.s.

         Oct 24th         John Bull jun, of  Chewton b. to Betty Wade, wid.lic.

         Dec 17th        Crispin Dark, husbandman to Sarah Plumbley.lic

1758  Apr 29th          Thomas Thatcher, husbandman to Rachel Mattock.s.

         Aug 8th          William Watkins, lab. to  Mary Brooks, sojourners.s.

         Dec 25th        John Swain, cordwainer to Elizabeth Mills.s.

1759  May 8th          Mr. Allen Lane, Gent, to Ann Pennington.s.lic.

1760   Feb 7th            John Mattock, husbandman to Betty Porter.s.

         Feb 18th         Samuel Stokes, husbandman to Ann Howel,wid.

         Mar  10th       James Tancock to Martha Williams.s.

May 19th       Christopher Baber of Yatton to Mary Davis.s.lic.

May 25th       William Moore, cordwainer to Mary Stevens.lic.

1761   Feb 3rd            Samuel Hunt, hushandman to Martha Suton.s.

         Apr 14th        John Doggert, lab, to Martha Warn of Tickenham.s.

         Apr 26th        William Davis, lab, to Hester Russe, wid.

         Dec     15th      William White, carpenter to Hannah Westly.s.

1762   Apr 1st            Isaac Creed, carpenter to Elizabeth Brimble.s.lic.

          Apr 15th          George Rowles, lab, to Rachel Williams.s.

Jones Stokes and Ann Dibdon. Banns called on Apr 18, 25th & May 3rd. (No marriage)

1762  Jun 6th              Austin Atherton of Yatton,farmer to Hannah Jennings.s.lic.

1763  Jan 24th             Thomas Vowles of Wraxall, farmer to Phebe Yeeles.lic.

         Apr 4th          John Hardwicke jun, of Portbury, farmer to Ann Wade.s. lic.

         Apr 28th        Philip Willis of St. James, Bristol, husbandman to Elizabeth Daniel.s.

May 7th         Isaac Penington, shipwright to Sarah Castelman.

Aug 20th        Joseph Ware of St. George, lab. to Mary Warn.s.

Oct 25th         John Hayden, lab, to Hannah Young.s.

Nov 6th         Samuel Stacey snr, husbandman to Ann Baker.s.

1764   Feb 28th         Charles Anderson, lab, to Isabella Dibbins.s.lic.

         May 17th       John King, farmer to Betty Bull,wid.lic.

         Dec 13th        John Douting, lab, to Martha Lowscombe, wid.

         Dec 31st         William Blessley of St. George, husbandman to Sarah Davis.s.lic.

1765    Feb 13th         John Chappel, lab, to Mary Bishop.s.

         Feb 8th          Thomas Wait wid, to Betty House, wid.

         Apr 1st          Benjamin Prosser, mariner to Elizabeth Willis.s.

         Apr 15th         Daniel Stedfall, lab to Charity Andrews.s.

         Apr 22nd        William Nuton, lab, to Penelope Coombs.s.

         May 5th         John Bendal, coachman to Mary Fisot.s.

         Oct 15th         Nathanial Nuton, blacksmith to Hannah Mattock.s.

1766   Mar 31st         Thomas Hardwicke, husbandman to Betty Yeeles.s.lic

1767   Feb 23rd            Thomas Spurlock to Hester Bull.

         Mar 6th         Stephen Davis, farmer of Clapton to Mary Yeeles.

         Apr 20th        Jonathan Hayward to Priscilla Rees.

         Apr 27th        George Symonds to Mary Everett.

         May 13th       Charles Beecham to Mary Evans.

June 11th        Thomas Bailey to Elizabeth Spear.

Sep 4th          Thomas William, lab of Clapton to Mary Fowles.s.lic.

Oct 8th          James Tippitt to Elizabeth Bagley.

1768   Jan 7th            Thomas Stacey to Hannah Reed.

         Feb 27th         Thomas Yeeles, mariner of St. George to Grace Cox.s.lic.

         Jun 21st         William Westlake, puplican to Elizabeth Phillips.lic.

         Sep 20th         Isaac Thomas to Ann Slater.

         Oct 6th          Richard Simmons to Betty Holley.

1769  Mar 27th         Samuel Everett to Jane Bryant of St. Mary Redcliffe.

         Apr 23rd        Alezander Carter of Wraxall to Ann Wade.lic.

         Jul 12th          William Doget, mariner to Catherine Norman.s.

         Nov 13th        Robert Phiping to Betty Stockes.s.

Nov 22nd       John Hunt to Mary Day of Bedminster.lic.

Dec 24th        William Carter, blacksmith to Betty Legg.s.

1770  Feb 27th          Samuel Hunt, wid, to Ann Davis.s.

         Mar 30th        Thomas Whitlock to Martha Pegley.s.

         Apr 16th        John Leech, carpenter to Mary Bayley.s.

         Apr 18th        William Stocker, lab, to Betty Tippet,wid.

         Jul 8th            James Yeeles to Mary Wade.s.lic.

         Jul 28th          John Barnsley, gent, wid, to Mary Hore,wid.lic.

1771  Jan 29th            James Tippet,lab, to Hannah Mansfield.s.

         Apr 5th          Peter Newton to Mary Davis.lic.

         May 15th       Daniel Sevier, lab, to Mary Palmer.s.lic.

         Dec 25th        Jonas Stokes, lab, to Ann Dibbin.s.

1772  June 21st         Thomas Dyer, tanner, of Abbots Leigh to Mary Wedmore.s.lic.

1773  Jan 21st          Humphrey Atherton, snr, farmer, to Sarah Russel,wid.lic.

         May 4th           Samuel Russel of Tickenham to Elizabeth Morgan.

1774  Feb 20th                   William Hodges to Hannah Cable.s.

         Mar 27th          James Lewis of Bedminster to Betty Stacey.

         Apr 7th          Joseph Watts to Sarah Cale.

         Apr 24th        William Tunnadine to Mary Stacey.

         May 26th       Samuel Parnell of Abbots Leigh, wid, to Sarah Blessley, wid.lic.

         Jun 28th         Edward Loscomb to Sarah Smith.

         Dec 25th        Joseph Watts of Clapton to Mary Lilly.

1775    Jan 5th           George Simmons of Portishead, wid, to Elizabeth Bayley.

         Apr 26th        William Morgan to Betty Reed.s.

         Jun 27th         John Rowle to Mary Manfield.s.

1776  Mar 13th         Robert Lancashire of St. Nicolas, Bristol to Martha Howell.lic.

1777  Feb 10th          John Barrell of Widcombe, Som, to Sarah Colverwile.

         Mar 31st        John Hawks to Mary Collimore.

         May 18th       Joseph Hale to Hannah Perington.

         Jun 16th         William Yeeles to Prudence Creed.

         Aug 11th        Jonas Stokes to Elizabeth Emblin.

         Nov 3rd         Joseph Cray to Mary Roach.

1778  May 18th         Walter Jacks, gentleman to Esther Winstone of St. Augustine, Bristol.s.lic.

         Jun 21st         Sampson Williams to Dinah Marsfield.

         Jul 2nd            John Doget, wid, to Hannah Stacey, wid.

         Sep 17th         William Moore of St. George.b. to Elizabeth Thomas.s.

         Dec 17th        Humphrey Atherton,b. to Betty Cox.s.lic.

1779  Feb 15th          John Drew of Wraxall to Elizabeth Rowles.lic.

         May 12th       John Noble of Westbury,Glou. b. to Mary Jones.s.

         Jun 21st         William Combs of Congresbury, lab. to Mary House.s.

1780   Apr 6th          John Loscomb of St. George,b. to Ann Peanes.s.

         Sep 21st         Robert Mills, yeoman to Sarah Reed, wid.lic.

         Oct 16th         William Baker of St. George to Jane Simmons.

         Nov 17th        Thomas Eaton of Wraxall, b. to Christiana Nicholls.s.lic.

1781   June 12th        William Bull of St. George, b. to Betty Beavan.s.

         Sept 10th        Simon Collard, b. to Ann Iles.s.

1782   Jan 31st          Joseph Hazle of St. George, b. to Rebecca Bevan.s.

         Jun 24th         Abraham Mansfield to Hannah Durbin.s.

         Oct 5th          John Jaques on St. George, wid. to Sarah House.s.lic.

         Nov 21st        Henry Thomas Perintone, b. to Mary Painter.s.lic.

1783   Sep 8th           Isaac Manfield, b. to Sarah Smith.s.

         Sep 15th         John Jordan,b. to Mary Moore.s.lic.

         Nov 10th        Samuel Stokes, b. to Anne Thayer of St. George.s.lic.

1785   Jan 17th          Samuel Bryant of St. John. Bristol. wid. to Mary Atherton.s.lic.

         Jan 31st         Evan John, b. to   Ann George.s.

         Mar 8th         John Deacon, b. to Lydia Bull.s.

         Mar 29th        James Hardwick, b. to Martha Hillman.s.

         Apr 4th          George Priston, b. to Mary Knight of Clapton.s.

         Apr 5th          Daniel Durban of Nailsea,b. to Sarah Mattocks.s.

         Apr 11th        William Hulbert, b. to Sarah Doubting.s.

         Apr 20th        Richard Dashfield of Clapton, b. to Ann Bryant.s.

July 26th        William Davis, wid. to Elizabeth Stokes, wid.

Dec 18th        William Stokes, b. to Hester Carter.s.

1786    Feb 13th         James Rowles, b. to Frances Grimes.s.lic.

1787   May 15th        William Lilly, b. to Mary Williams.s.

         Oct 22nd        George Ball, b. to Mary Hazel.s.

1788   Jan 31st          William Stokes, wid. to Mary Nicholls.s.

         Mar 30th          James Tippet, wid. to Sarah Rosser of Tickenham, wid.

         May 11th       John Fowles, wid. to Sarah Perinton.s.

         Aug 4th          James Thomas of St. George. B. to Mary Mattocks.s.

         Aug 7th          William Price of St. George, b. to Ann Gould.s. lic.

         Sep 11th           George  Wilde, b. to Nancy Hunt.s.

         Dec 29th        George Simmons wid. to Hannah Browning.

1789    Feb 23rd        Sam Wylde, b. to Ann Hilman.s.lic.

         Apr 23rd        William Carey, b. to Betty Millard of Abbots Leigh. s.

         Oct 29th         Thomas Yeels, wid. to Ann Stokes, wid.

1791   May 16th        Robert Baker of Tickenham, b. to Sarah Wickwich.s.lic.

         Jul 25th          Charles Dogget, b. to Charity Cray.s.

         Oct 3rd          Joseph Watts, wid. to Ann Lilly.s.

1792   July 2nd          James Hunt, b. to Jenny Parsons of Weston in Gordano.s.

         Sep 20th         George Francis, wid. to Elizabeth Jones, wid. lic.

1793   Aug 5th          John Mattocks, b. to Elizabeth Chezwell, wid.

         Aug 26th        Joseph Cottle, b. to Mary Davis.s.

         Dec 16th        Christopher Phillips of Wraxall, b. to Nancy Stanbury.s. lic.

1794    Jan 2nd          Jonas Stokes, b. to Ann Hook.s. lic.

         Apr 3rd         Edmund Porter, b. of St. George to Sarah Porter.s. lic.

         Apr 10th        John Baker of Tickenham, b. to Betsy Stanbury.s. lic.

         Dec 21st         Joseph Say of Wrington, b. to Mary Hitchfield.s.lic.

1795   Feb 23rd         Nicholas Iles, b. to Mary Francis.s.

         Feb 25th         John Bassett, b. to Dinah Knight.s.

         Mar 8th         Samuel Perinton, b. to Sarah Addiss of Abbots Leigh. lic.

         Apr 1st          William Ball, b. to Elizabeth Westlake.s.

         Apr 27th        William Hunt, b. to Mary Yeeles.s.lic.

         May 18th       Edward Loscomb, wid. to Mary Herbert.s.

1796   Feb 25th         William Bacon of Walton, b. to Hannah Tomkins.s.lic.

         May 5th         Thomas Baker, b. to Hannah Yeeles.

1797   May 15th        Richard Hazell of St. Mary. Redcliffe, b. to Mary Hunt.s.lic.

         Aug 7th          Thomas Mitchell to Sarah Hitchings.

         Aug 27th        Humphrey Sims to Jane Boutcher.

1799    June 26th        William Mattock, b. to Mary Hardwick. lic.

         Apr 21st        Thomas Davis to Mary Charles.

         Oct 2nd          Henry Fowler of Nailsea to Ann Simmons.

         Dec 16th        James Wade to Sarah Yeeles. lic.

1800   Apr 28th         John Newton to Sarah Simmons.

1803   Oct 10th         Wm. Ed. Lambert of Filton, Glou. to Elizabeth Perinton of Portbury.s.lic.

           Dec 1st            William Tatton, b. to Mary Stokes, wid.

1805  Dec 23rd          John Leach, b. to Elizabeth Perinton.s.

1806  Sep 4th              John William Jill Adams, b. of St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol to Sarah Parnell.s.lic.

1807  Feb 25th            James Parsons, b. of St. George to Hannah Hoyle.s.

1809  Jul 9th               James Chipper, b. to Lydia Deacon.s.

1811  Jul 28th            John Woods of Puriton, wid. to Sarah Russell of Portbury.s.lic

Robert Crane and Ann Hoyle, Banns on Feb 9-16-23. 1812

                           Samuel Russell, b. and Sophia Tippet. Banns  no date.