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†††††††††††††††††††††††† Sale of Wards

Sale of Wards 1603-1641

The right of Wardship allowed the King or Lord to take control of a fief and of a minor heir until the heir came of age. The right of marriage allowed the King or Lord to have some say as to whom the daughter or widow of a vassal would marry.


Royal Wardships during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, normally arose when a landowner, who held the land for the King by Knightís service or who held of the Kingís ward, died leaving his heir a minor, under 21 years if male and 14 if female.


The King had no right to the Wardship if the Ward had been knighted or married before he succeeded to the estate.


(K.I.C.K.S = King in chief by knight service) (K= King)




Robert Richmond alias Sheppard died 24 January 1633. Samuel, son, aged 17 years 4 months and 14 days at fatherís death.

Divers closes of land, meadow and pasture called Brokens containing by estimation 40 acres in the parish of Portbury, held of the K.I.C.K.S. Worth by office during life of Anne, nil but afterwards £2.

Wardís father being seised in fee, assured lands in consideration of his marriage and afterwards with Anne Long and of £200 portion, to the use of himself for life, afterwards to Anne for life jointure, afterwards to heirs of their two bodies, remainder to his own right heirs. Anne is living. Total £$ (to the K 13/4d

5 May 1633 sold to Anne Richmond alias Sheppard, mother for £6/13/4 to be paid in hand.

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Abbotís Leigh

Arthur Norton, gent died 29 October 1635. George, son, aged 11 years 7 months and 25 days at fatherís death. The Manor of Abbotís Leigh held by K.I.C.K.S during life of Anne Norton £2 but afterwards £5 by certificate the Manor House and lands containing by estimation 400 acres of land, meadow and pasture and 40 acres of wood. £263/13/4 the Manor £40. By second certificate £293/6/8 and £52/10/-


Nicholas Hele esq, died 27 December 1640. John son aged 14 years 9 months and 24 days at fatherís death.

1. 8 messages, 2 cottages and 93 acre of land, meadow and pasture in Abbotís Tithing and elsewhere in the parish of Porybury, late parcel of the Manor of Abbotís Leigh, now or late tenures of William Goodman and 9 others held at† the K.I.C.K.S worth £2.

2. 4 messuages, 1cottage and 24 acres of land, meadow and pasture in Easton in Gordano alias ast. Ageorge, latee in teure of William Lullett, George Baily and Thomas Cox, held of Richard Morgan, gent, as of his manor of Easton St. George in socage by fealty and 13/10d p.a. rent worth £1.




Francis Trenchard esq died 11 May 1622. Francis, gent son aged 12 years 8 months and 6 days at fatherís death. (Land divided into 1/3 parcels in various areas)

Parcel 7. One third of three-quarters of 1 acre land in Backwell in a close called Horsecroft, held of† the K.I.C.K.S. Worth 2s.


Wardships with land outside of Somerset.

The Hundred and Manor of Portbury and Portishead with appurtenances. Held of the heirs of Richard Morville by K.S. Worth £30.


John Wallis, gent died 14 August 1616. Thomas, son aged 20 year and 1 month at fatherís death.

1. 2 acres of land in Portishead, held of William Vawer as of the Manor of Burdwins by fealty, suit of court and 1/8 p.a. Rent worth 1/8d.

2. 1 messuage or tenement, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 4 acres of land and 2 acres of wood in Portishead, held of James Percival esq as of his Manor of Weston in Gordano by fealty, suit of court and 6d p.a. Rent worth 6/8d.

3. 1 messuage or tenement, 12 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow and 8 acres of pasture in Fenton in the parish of Winford, held of Avery Abbington, esq and 2d p.a. Rent worth 6/8d.

4. (other parcels of land 4-6)

7. ††††††††† To-thirds of advowson of church Weston in Gordano, held of the K by K.S. Worth 2s. All lands together worth by survey £3/1/10.

Wardís father by Will, 25 November 1615 devised parcels 1.2.and 5 to Edward his son remainder to John his son remainder to Thomas his son, remainder to Edward his son remainder to Thomas his son and the male heirs of their bodies and parcels 6 and 7 to Thomas his eldest son, remainder to John, then Edward .and male issue of their bodies, remainder to his own right heirs.

Total £2/17/- (to the K) £1/8/8/) by survey £3/1/10.

16 February 1619 sold to Edith Wallis, mother for £6/2/8 to be paid in hand.

Edward Tynte died 16 September 1629. John son aged 11 years 9 months and 5 days ay fatherís death.

1. Manors of Othery

2. The Manor of Chelvey, held of Lord Stourton in free socage by fealty worth during live of Anne Tynte, widow nil but afterwards £10 bt certificate £68.

3.The Manor of Midgell in the parish of Chevey held of Earl of Salisbury, worth by office during said life of Anne nil, but afterwards £2 by certificate £3.

4.1. capital messuage called Tyntesplace in Wraxall, 1 messuage or tenement called Bendells in Wraxall and several parcels of land belonging to them in Wraxall and Failand afte several leases now or late in tenures of Maurice Good, Richard Plaise, John Twytt, Richard Sheppard and William Hodgson.or their assigns and reversion of 1 close of meadow in Wraxall containing 3 acres after lease in tenure of Francis Peyton held of Sir Robert Gorges as of his Manor of Wraxall £1/1/2 p.a. Rent worth by office £1o by certificate £67.

5. ľ acre of meadow and revirsion of three messuages with certain parcls of land, meadow and pasture belonging to them in Nailsea, after severalleases, now or late in tenures of Humprey Jenkins, Peter Hardwick and John and Mar Willmott, widow,worth 13/4d by certificate £1/10/

6í One-third of land in Brockley.

7. Reversion in Barrow Gurney in tenure of Richard Brook and John Allen.

8. Reversions of 4 messuages, a garden, 1 orchard and 65 acres of land, meadow and pasture in Farleigh, Moorside, Downside, West Town and Backwell in tenure of Richard Tovie, Richard Gulliford, Thomas Smith, Joan Williams widow, Robert Parsons, Roger Willmott, John Doulting alias Tucker, William Wichfield, Richard King, William Cross and James Cole, held of the Lord of the Manor of Backwell. 2/2d p.a. Rent bt certificate £1/14/-.

10 February 1629 sold to Anne Tynte mother, Thomas Smith and Richard Morgan £300.


John Keene the elder of Portishead, died 16 April 1610. William, son age 12 years 2 months and 20 days, Wells 11 September 1610.

2 messuages or tenements, 2 cartilages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 2 crofts with 50 acres of land, arable and meadow with apps. In South Brent, held of the K.I.C.K.S worth by office £2 by survey £2/6/8.

Paid to wardís father, his heirs and assigns. John Keene the younger is living.

Total by office £2 rent (all to the K) by survey £2/6/8.

20 November 1610 sold to William Wise, grandfather for £8 to be paid £4 in hand and £4 on 24 June 1611.

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