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                           Parish Chest

Part 3.
Parsons James, Congresbury.
Parnell Abraham, Portbury.
Philiott Rev. Edward, Clapton.
Pinster John, Clevedon.
Poole Henry, Bristol.
Protheroe Frederick, Bristol.
Palmer Frederick, Bristol.
Riddle Thomas H, Bristol.
Ring R C. Bristol.
Seager John, Bristol.
Seager Stephen, Bristol.
Shipton M N Clevedon.
Smith Chas. Weston-super-Mare.
Smith Thomas, Congresbury.
Smith Sir John, Bart. Long Ashton.
Sparrow Jas. Flax Bourton.
Stafford Wm. Winscombe.
Stanley John B. Bristol.
Scivens John Chas. Bristol.
Taylor George, Bristol.
Thomas Wm. Clapton.
Trotman Wm. Bristol.
Tyndale Thomas O. Bristol.
Vincent James. Long Ashton.
Vowles Sam. Portishead.
Wallis George. Bristol.

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Part of the Militia document recorded of Capt Smyth’s Company at Long Ashton  on 14th November 1758. This document is held at the Somerset Record Office.

Part 2.
Fuldge Thomas, Bristol.
Fry Thomas, Long Ashton.
Garland James, Wraxall.
Greenhill William, Farleigh.
Greenfill John, Bristol.
Harwood Edward, Bristol.
Hailstone Joseph, Wraxall.
Hallam Samuel, Weston-s-Mare.
Harford Edward, Portbury.
Heaven Cam Glyde, Bristol.
Hill Jere. Bristol.
Hunt Richard, Briatol.
Jones Charles, Flax Bourton.
King James, Bristol.
Kington Wm. Wraxall.
Light James, Bristol.
Maclean Jas. Walton in Gordano.
Miles Philip Wm Skinner, Abbots Leigh.
Miles Philip John, Abbots Leigh.
Miles John Wm, Abbots Leigh.
Miles Robert Wm, Abotts Leigh.
Nash David Wm, Bristol.
Nattries John, Bristol.
Nott Wm, Bristol.
Palmer Frederick, Bristol.

Persons who have obtained Game Certificates for the year 1839.
Abbott Charles, Long Ashton.
Anstice George, Bristol.
Baker Thomas, Bristol.
Bartlett James, Bedminster.
Barrow James Syms, Bristol.
Bernard Colston, Bristol.
Blackburrow John jun, Banwell.
Britton Henry, Long Ashton.
Bryant Richard, Bristol.
Coathope C T. Wraxall.
Cobley Rev. C J. Wraxall.
Collar James, Clevedon.
Coombs James, Nailsea.
Criddle Wm, Bristol.
Crosby Thomas, Bristol.
Crew Joseph, Banwell.
Crossman Robert, Kewstoke.
Davis James, Yatton.
Daniel Thomas, Bristol.
Davies David, Bristol.
Danger John, Congresbury.
Hooper Richard, Bristol.
Edgett Richard, Bristol.
Ettaway Edward, Bristol.
Evans Robert Baker, Tickenham.

To be sold in Fee, either or in parcels, the HUNDRED of PORTBURY, in the County of Somerset, with the manors of Portbury and Portishead, and the fisheries and other extensive Privileges to the said Hundred and Manors belonging.
Also, divers compact Farms within the said Manors, containing 1500 acres of very good land, chiefly meadow and pasture, with rights of common over the marshes, downs and other waste lands of the said Manors, containing near 1500 acres more; and rights of warren on several parts of the said waste grounds.
Also the Watch-House at Pill, in the parish of Portbury; the Reversion of sundry Lands and Tenements held of the said Manors by lease and copies of court-roll; and several Coppices and Wood-Ground.
Also several enclosed pieces of arable, Pasture and Wood-Land, called Limebridge, in the parish of Tickenham, containing 77 acres.
These estates lie within a few miles of the city of Bristol, are well tenanted, let at modest rents, and very improvable.
For particulars enquire of Mr John Atherton, at Portbury; Mr Ward, Attorney at Bristol; or Mr Stephens, at Kencot near Burford, Oxfordshire.

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