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                       Quarter Sessions

Most of my sources for the Quarter Sessions,Wills etc are from a variety of old books and documents bought at Auction as well as documents held at the Record Office.

0verseers Appointed for 1878.
Abbots Leigh. Joseph Stone & Henry Richards.
Backwell. Thos Henry Coombs & Robert Edwards.
Barrow Guerney, Thomas Purnell & Richard Bay.
Bedminster, George Jacobs & Mark Pady.
Brockley,Donald Cox & Samuel Hardwick.
Chelvey, Joseph P Dibadall & Thomas Adams.
Clapton, Henry Southcott & Charles Davis.
Clevedon, James William Druce & William Bryant.
Dundry, Thomas Weaver & Michael Weaver.
Easton in G. James Parsons & Sam Vowles jun.
Kenn, Samuel Dyer & Joseph Hedges.
Kingston Seymour, James Wallace & Wm Gregory.
Long Ashton, George Froud & John J Brittan?
Nailsea, Edwin Goulstone & Adam Avery

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H.M.S Formidable 1905


Lying off Portishead.

1899 Oct 25th |School accommodation at Portishead.

A communication was received from the managers of the British Schools, Portishead, saying that they were prepared to receive ten of the children whom the Guardians were going to place in cottage homes at Portishead. The Rector  of Portishead also wrote that the Church of England Schools managers had no objection to the admission of the children and that they would endeavour to provide for the children as good an education as the other children received. The managers of the St. Barnabas School also wrote that they had no objection to receiving the children.

1899 Oct 25th Long Ashton Guardian.

The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at the Workhouse, Flax Bourton, yesterday. Mr F Weatherly presided, and the other members present were Mr S Harding, vice chairman, Miss Fry, Miss Henry, the Rev E Forbes and Messrs H J Mirehouse, A Griffin, W Winstone, F Sweet, J Gage, J Brock, J Foord, T Pearce, E Thatcher, H M Gibbs, B Crossman, T Chidgey, J Parsons, W Hall, W Naish, W C R King and Mr J H Shorland.

The Anchor Portishead 1908

1892 Sep 24 Overseers Summoned.

George Court and Theodore H English, overseers for the parish of Clapton, were summoned by the Bedminster Board of Guardians for neglecting to comply with an order from the Guardians to pay their treasurer, Mr W H Harford, the sum of £23 on August the 11th. The defendants admitted the receipt of the precept. Mr English explained to the court that the overseers employed Mr Dawes as their assistant. They had received no notice that the money had not been paid and were not aware that it was due. The summons was adjourned for a fortnight upon the understanding that the money would be paid into the treasurer’s hands by October 1st.
Joseph Mitchell and John Sprigg, overseers for the parish of Weston in Gordano, were similarly summoned for the non-payment of their contributions, £9 in July and £8 in August. In this case Mr Dawes was also the assistant overseer, and the summonses were similarly dealt with.

November 1878

It is highly creditable that out of th three Pupil-teachers at the National School, two Arthur E Drake and Matilda Sprales are placed in the First Class and the third F. G. Creed commended; for which success the two former received a prize of books from the Bishop of the Diocese.

Fanny Offer has again maintained the position she has repeatedly secured for herself at the head of her contempories in the Dicese having taken the prize and first place among all the paid monitors in the Dioceee under 14 years of age.

18th Century Parish Duties.

The Maintenance of the Church and Religious Services.

The Keeping of the Peace.
The Repression of Vagrancy.
The Relief of Destitution.
The Upkeep of Roads.
The Suppression of Nuisances.
The Destruction of Vermin.
The Provision of Soldiers and Sailors.
The Enforcement of Religious and Moral Discipline.

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