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Bessants of Gordano

Clapton in Gordano School Log 1883-1895

Portishead Parish Magazines 1873, 74,76 & 78

Walton School Log Book 1877-1895

Weston in Gordano School Log Book

Weston in Gordano School Admissions List 1864-1900


Blakes of Weston-super-Mare & Gordano, available to family


The Bessants of Gordano includes information on the early families from Parish Chest information, Church Wardens Accounts, Portbury Hundred Court Records & Church Records.


My Transcriptions of the School Log Books can be found at Weston-s-Mare Library in the Family History Section.
Original records and the Transcriptions at the Somerset Record Office.

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Portishead Parish Magazine Oct 1874 Diocese School Examination.

Our own National School being thus eleventh in the diocese, it might be interesting to many to know the names of the first ten.


1. Burrington 139 marks.

2. Bath Union 130.

3. Bath Blue School, girls. 125.

4. Bath Octagon. 114.

5. Wrington Girls, 112.

6. Wrington Boys, 111.

7. Bath Blue School, boys. 110.

8. Whatley. 107.

9. Long Sutton. 103.

10. Aller. 100.

National School Portishead.

The Education  Department having allowed and encouraged managers of schools to set apart one hour per week for its instruction in drill, the services of Sergeant Parkin have been secured for that purpose, who attends and drills the elderly boys of the school in the playground, from 11 to 12 on Monday mornings.

Walton in Gordano

187 Weekending Jan 12th.

School commenced on Tuesday January 9th (prevented from being opened on Monday, by the schoolroom not being dry from previous painting) after the Christmas Vacations of a fortnights with nineteen Scholars.

1874 HM Inspector’s reports on the Portishead C.E. Schools, inspected May 1st and 8th.


National School. The school has increased in number, is under good influence, and making on the whole satisfactory progress. Military drill has been introduced.


St. Barnabus School. This school is orderly and carefully taught.


Infants School. This school is orderly, well taught, and making satisfactory progress.


Vicars of Walton in Gordano.
1660 Thomas Foot.
1673 Robert Paul.
1718 John Brice.
1728 John Shire.
1773 Thomas Allen.
1810 Drax Durbin.
1824 James Vaughan.
1851 Henry J Lloyd.
1852 John C M Ayrsley.
1855 Henry Tudway.
1866 Rawdon W Hauntenville.
1880 Chas. A Fowler.
1889 Edward F A Hexts.

Weston in Gordano School Log.1878 May 31st.

School ends today. Very sorry to say three boys were on Tuesday last guilty of writing filthy words on pieces of paper and passing them to their fellows. Fortunately it was defeated before two of the pieces were read. I gave each boy a canning after school was over. They have since expressed themselves as being very sorry for their misbehaviour.


1874 Portishead.

The examination of the members of the Art Night class took place in the National Schoolroom on the evenings of Thursday and Friday, the 30th of April and the 1st of May 1874, and was very successful. There were nine members of the class who presented themselves for examination.

Clapton in Gordano School Log. 1888 Jan 23rd.

Edwin Hardwick returned after an absence of six weeks through having a bad foot. Sent Leonard Derrick back for his school fees.

1893 Mar 3rd. Walton in Gordano, School Log Book.

School opened on Monday but closed again, children suffering from Whooping cough.

Measurement of Schoolroom Walton in Gordano in 1877.

Length 36 feet & 3 ins.
Breath 18 feet & 3 ins.
Height 12 feet & 3 ins.

1880 Jan 4th Weston in Gordano.

Eliza Sulley a 2nd standard girl has burnt her hand very badly and was obliged to stay from school on Thursday and Friday.

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