The Blakes of Banwell and Hutton.


The Blakes of Banwell, Hutton, Yatton and Winscombe have links with the Gordano Blakes.


  1. The Lock family is related by marriage to both the Banwell and the Gordano Blakes.
  2. A Winscombe Blake lived in the house of a Bessant family in Nailsea.
  3. The Bessants are related to the Gordano Blakes and not directly to the Banwell Blakes.


With thanks to Mr. John Hewitt of Bristol with whom I have liaised for many years. He is descended from the Banwell Blakes.





1. Thomas BLAKE. Born in Hutton. Thomas died on 31 Aug 1807 in Christon. Occupation: Mason.


On 26 Mar 1761 Thomas married Hannah LOSCOMBE, daughter of Thomas LOSCOMBE & Hannah, in Bleadon. Hannah was born on 4 Sep 1730 in Huntspill.


They had the following children:

         2        i.        Thomas (1762-)

                  ii.       Ann. Born in Mar 1764 in Christon.


                  iii.      John. Born in Oct 1768 in Christon.


                  iv.      Jane. Born in Dec 1770 in Christon.


         3        v.       James (1774-1837)




Second Generation



2. Thomas BLAKE. Born in Feb 1762 in Christon. Occupation: Mason.


On 29 Mar 1789 when Thomas was 27, he married Sarah WHITE, daughter of James WHITE & Sarah, in Yatton. Sarah was born on 17 Apr 1763 in Yatton and died in Winscombe on 31 May 1812, she was 49.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Nancy. Born in 1790 in Winscombe.


                  ii.       Thomas. Born in 1794 in Winscombe and died in Winscombe in 1799, he was 5.


                  iii.      Hannah. Born on 24 Oct 1798 in Winscombe.


                  iv.      James. Born in 1791 in Winscome.



3. James BLAKE was born in 1774 in Christon. James died in Winscombe on 19 Apr 1837, he was 63 years old. Occupation: Mason.


On 9 Mar 1814 when James was 40, he married Elizabeth HEMONS, in St. James, Bristol. Elizabeth was born in 1787. Elizabeth died in Winscombe on 30 Apr 1864, she was 77.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Thomas. Born on 6 Aug 1815 in Winscombe. Thomas died in Nailsea on 25 Mar 1855, he was 39.


         4        ii.       John (1817-1894)

                  iii.      James. Born on 23 May 1819 in Winscombe.


                  iv.      Henry. Born on 26 Aug 1821 in Winscombe.


                  v.       Joseph. Born on 11 Jan 1824 in Winscombe.


                  vi.      Samson. Born on 2 Sep 1827 in Winscombe and died in Winscombe on 8 Dec 1829, he was 2 years old.



Third Generation



4. John BLAKE was born on 22 Jan 1817 in Winscombe and died in Banwell on 15 Dec 1894, he was 77 years old.


On 24 May 1836 when John was 19, he first married Ann STAPLES, daughter of Thomas STAPLES & Betty, in St. Mary Redcliffe. Ann was born on 28 Mar 1813 in Christon and died in 1881, she was 67 years old.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Emily. Born in 1837 in Banwell.


On 25 Nov 1867 when Emily was 30, she married William FISHER, in St. Luke Bedminster.


                  ii.       Amelia. Born on 27 May 1838 in Banwell.


                  iii.      Henry. Born on 12 Apr 1840 in Banwell.


On 22 May 1866 when Henry was 26, he married Maria TRUMAN, in St. James Bristol. Born in 1842.


                  iv.      Anna. Born in 1841 in Banwell.


On 30 Jun 1867 when Anna was 26, she married Thomas BURTON, in Yatton.


         5        v.       James (1843-)

         6        vi.      Aquilla (1845-1884)

         7        vii.     Joseph (1847-1878)

         8        viii.     Robert (1847-)

         9        ix.      Henry (1852-1933)

                  x.       Ellen was born on 23 Apr 1854 in Banwell and died in Banwell on 19 Sep 1859, she was 5 years old.



In Mar 1890 when John was 73, he secondly married Maria STONE, in Axbridge. Maria was born in 1834 in Bleadon.




Fourth Generation



5. James BLAKE. Born in 1843 in Banwell.


On 8 Sep 1865 when James was 22, he married Emily VOWLES, in Clifton. Emily was born in 1846 in Stanton Drew.


They had the following children:

         10      i.        George (1867-)

                  ii.       Alice. Born in 1871 in Bedminster.


                  iii.      John. Born in 1873 in Bedminster.


                  iv.      Charles. Born in 1876 in Bedminster.


                  v.       Joseph. Born in 1878 in Bedminster.


                  vi.      Amelia. Born in 1880 in Bedminster.


Amelia married Ernest BLAKE.



6. Aquilla BLAKE was born on 12 Oct 1845 in Banwell and died in Bristol in Nov 1884, he was 39. Occupation: Mason.


In Apr 1865 when Aquilla was 19, he married Elizabeth BRYANT, in St. Pauls Portland. Elizabeth was born in 1844 in Banwell.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Francis Henry. Born in 1867 in Bristol.


On 5 Aug 1889 when Francis Henry was 22, he married Elizabeth Ann FACEY, in St. Pauls Bedminster. Elizabeth Ann was born in 1869.


                  ii.       Elizabeth Marion. Born in 1872 in Bristol.


                  iii.      Amelia F. Born in 1872 in Bristol.


         11      iv.      Aquilla E (1876-)

         12      v.       Emily Augusta (1877-1957)

                  vi.      William J. Born in 1880 in Bristol.



7. Joseph BLAKE was born on 22 Sep 1847 in Banwell and died in Banwell in 1878, he was 30 years old.


In 1868 when Joseph was 20, he married Sarah ADLAM, in Temple Bristol. Sarah was born in 1841 in Pensford and died in 1883, she was 42 years old.


They had the following children:

         13      i.        Sarah (1869-1934)

                  ii.       Albert. Born in 1872 in Bristol.


                  iii.      William. Born on 16 Mar 1873 in Bristol.


                  iv.      Ernest. Born in 1875 in Bristol.


Ernest married Amelia BLAKE (his cousin). Amelia was born in 1880.



8. Robert BLAKE was born on 22 Sep 1847 in Banwell. Occupation: Stone-Mason.


On 1 Aug 1876 when Robert was 28, he married Caroline LOCK, daughter of Luke LOCK & Louisa M, in St. John The Baptist Bedminster. Caroline was born in 1859 in Worle.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Rosina Lydia. Born in 1878 in Bristol St. George.


Rosina Lydia married PRING.


                  ii.       Ellen. Born in 1880 in Congresbury.


                  iii.      Arthur Robert. Born in 1881/1891 in Huish.


                  iv.      Annie. Born in 1883 in Bristol.


                  v.       Lillian. Born on 19 Jul 1886 in Bristol.


                  vi.      Minnie. Born in 1887 in Bristol.


                  vii.     Elsie. Born in 1888 in Bristol.


                  viii.     Ivy. Born in 1890 in Bristol.


                  ix.      Harold. Born on 17 Jan 1897 in All Hallows Easton.



9. Henry BLAKE was born on 1 Feb 1852 in Banwell and died in Banwell on 30 Dec 1933, he was 81 years old.


On 17 Jul 1889 when Henry was 37, he married Sophia LOCK, in St. James Bristol. Sophia was born in 1851 in Bristol.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Bertha Amelia. Born in 1890 in Banwell.


                  ii.       Sidney A. Born in 1891 in Banwell. Sidney A died in 1891.


                  iii.      Gilbert Henry. Born in 1893.





Fifth Generation



10. George BLAKE. Born in 1867 in Bedminster. Occupation: Mason.


On 10 Jun 1889 when George was 22, he married Clara OWEN, in St. Clements Bristol. Clara was born in 1867 in Bristol.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Florence M. Born in 1890 in Bristol.


                  ii.       Alfred Bert. Born on 2 Aug 1899 in Bristol.


                  iii.      Gilbert William.



11. Aquilla E BLAKE was born in 1876 in Bristol.


Aquilla E married Emily.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Olive Gwendoline. Born on 14 Nov 1916 in St Mathews.


                  ii.       Frank William. Born on 14 Nov 1916.



12. Emily Augusta BLAKE was born in 1877 in Bristol and died in Downend, Bristol on 1 Mar 1957, she was 80 years old.


On 1 Mar 1901 when Emily Augusta was 24, she married Frederick John TUDOR, in Downend Bristol. Frederick John was born in 1877 in Bristol and died in Bristol in 1934, he was 57 years old.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Elise.


                  ii.       Florence.


         14      iii.      Doris Emily (1909-1976)

                  iv.      Grace Irene.



13. Sarah BLAKE was born in 1869 in Bedminster and died in Magotsfield in 1934, she was 65 years old.


In 1897 when Sarah was 28, she married Albert WILTSHIRE, in Bitton, Bristol.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Florence. Born on 4 Mar 1891 in Axbridge work house.


                  ii.       Beatrice. Born in 1898.


                  iii.      Albert Thomas. Born in 1900.


                  iv.      Isaac. Born in 1903.


                  v.       Gertrude. Born in 1905.


         15      vi.      May (1908-1998)




Sixth Generation



14. Doris Emily TUDOR was born in 1909 in Bristol and died in Frenchay Hospital, Bristol on 4 Jan 1976, she was 67 years old.


On 7 Jun 1936 when Doris Emily was 27, she married Edwin Patrick CRIMMINS, in Bristol. Edwin Patrick was born on 10 Mar 1906 in Lahore, India and died in Paignton, Devon on 26 Nov 1964, he was 58 years old.


They had the following children:

                  i.        Graham Patrick

                  ii.       Gloria Patricia.



15. May WILTSHIRE was born in 1908 and died in Mangotsfield on 11 Jul 1998, she was 90 years old.


May married HEWETT.


They had the following children:

                  i.        John.


                  ii.       Peter.








         Emily  spouse of 11


         Sarah   spouse of 7


         Albert child of 7

         Alfred Bert    child of 10

         Alice   child of 5

         Amelia child of 5

         Amelia child of 4

         Amelia F       child of 6

         Ann    child of 1

         Anna   child of 4

         Annie  child of 8

         Aquilla         6

         Aquilla E       11

         Arthur Robert child of 8

         Bertha Amelia child of 9

         Charles         child of 5

         Elizabeth Marion      child of 6

         Ellen   child of 8

         Ellen   child of 4

         Elsie   child of 8

         Emily  child of 4

         Emily Augusta         12

         Ernest child of 7

         Florence        child of 13

         Florence M    child of 10

         Francis Henry child of 6

         Frank William child of 11

         George 10

         Gilbert Henry child of 9

         Gilbert William         child of 10

         Hannah         child of 2

         Harold child of 8

         Henry child of 4

         Henry 9

         Henry child of 3

         Ivy     child of 8

         James  5

         James  3

         James  child of 3

         James  child of 2

         Jane    child of 1

         John   child of 5

         John   4

         John   child of 1

         Joseph 7

         Joseph child of 5

         Joseph child of 3

         Lillian  child of 8

         Minnie         child of 8

         Nancy child of 2

         Olive Gwendoline     child of 11

         Robert 8

         Rosina Lydia  child of 8

         Samson         child of 3

         Sarah   13

         Sidney A       child of 9

         Thomas        1

         Thomas        2

         Thomas        child of 2

         Thomas        child of 3

         William         child of 7

         William J       child of 6


         Joan Margaret spouse of 16


         Elizabeth       spouse of 6


         Edwin Patrick spouse of 14

         Gloria Patrica  child of 14


         Elizabeth       spouse of 3


         UNNAMED  spouse of 15

         John   child of 15

         Peter   child of 15


         Caroline        spouse of 8

         Sophia spouse of 9


         Hannah         spouse of 1


         Clara   spouse of 10


         Ann    spouse of 4


         Maria  spouse of 4


         Doris Emily   14

         Elise   child of 12

         Florence        child of 12

         Frederick John         spouse of 12

         Grace Irene    child of 12


         Emily  spouse of 5


         Sarah   spouse of 2


         Albert spouse of 13

         Albert Thomas         child of 13

         Beatrice        child of 13

         Gertrude       child of 13

         Isaac   child of 13

         May   15