Easton in Gordano.

Transcribed by Mary Mason.

Marriages 1776-1812


  b. = bachelor.  s. = spinster.   wid. = widow / widower.   lic =  license.


1776    Dec 26th           Philip Pritchard wid and Ann Kington of this parish.

         Dec 26th           John Slade and Sarah Hucker. s.

         Dec 26th           James Dobel and Mary Butcher. wid.

1777    Mar 17th          John Hendrick Francis and Mary Cox. s.

         May 27th         John Parker wid and Jane Meagre.

         Jun 29th         Samuel Harris b. and Mary Moore. s.

Jul 21st             Christopher Harris and Ann Harris. lic.

Jul 22nd         Benjamin Parfitt and Elizabeth Rogers.

Oct 30th         Jonathon Hayward and Ann Pedor.

Nov 10th        George Martin and Susanna Chaffey.

Nov 20th        Joseph Stacey of Portbury and Betty Harding. lic.

Dec 26th        James Bayley and Betty Bayley. lic.

1778    Feb 19th         William Dyer b. and Elizabeth Morgan. s.

         Feb 25th         Benjamin Brown b. and Sarah Edwards. s.

         Feb 26th         Joseph Richards b. and Mary Ballamy. s.

         Mar 26th          John Wedmore of Portbury and Betty Cope. s.

Apr 5th          Mark Harford b. and Mary Batt. s.

Apr 20th        Isaac Thomas wid and Mary Dryer.? s. (Thayer)

Apr 27th        Thomas Hall b. and Sarah Poole. s.

Jun 8th          John Hucker b. and Sarah Bayley. s.

Jun              Samuel Briant b. and Mary Oldfield.

July 29th        William Gardiner wid and Mary Mugglesworth. wid.

Aug 20th        Joseph Stokes of Wraxall b. and Ratchel Cox. s.

Aug 23rd        Richard Young b. and Rebecca Avis. s.

Aug 27th          James Harris b. and Elizabeth Fairchild. s.

1779   Jan 4th              James Gilmore b. and Elizabeth Collins. s.

         Jan 19th         William Kitchin b. and Jane Hodges. s.

         Feb 9th           William Davis b. and Martha Hobbs. s.

         Feb 11th            Samuel Griffin of Portbury b. and Christian Horwood.

         Feb 16th         Joseph Werham b. and Ann Goscott. s.

         Apr 6th          James Bullock b. and Sarah Spear. s.

         Sep 5th          James Thayer wid and Susannah Silvester. s. of St. Micheal`s Bath. lic.

         Sep 25th         Joseph Hughes mariner and Ann Cook. s.

         Oct 24th         William Taylor b. and Hester Cray. s.

         Oct 25th         Isaac Gilmore b. and Elizabeth Gilmore. s.

         Nov 9th         William Broady b. and Betty Dowling. s.

1780 Jan 4th             Rev`d George Wilkins Rector of St. Michaels, Bristol wid and Ann Thompson. s.lic.

         Jan 20th         Joseph Bryant mariner and Jane Bake.r ? s.

Apr 19th         Samuel Bellamy b. and Mary Morgan. s.

Jun 6th          Anthony Wilkinson b. and Hannah Taylor.

Jul 16th          Charles Cox b. and Sarah Rowland. lic.

Oct 10th         John Butcher b. and Jane Butcher wid.

Oct 23rd        Nathan Carpenter of Westbury, Glous. b. and Hannah Jones. s.

Oct 30th         Thomas Prescott b. and Mary Babbidge. s.

Dec 26th        Joseph Cook wid and Hannah Roper. s.

1781    Mar 13th        Abraham Knight b. and Frances Lovell.

         Mar 20th            John Rumney of St. George b. and Jane Hodges.s.

Apr 16th        Thomas Wedmore of Portbury b. and Betty Horwood s. lic.

May 7th         William Bath of Backwell and Dinah Porter.

Jun 24th         John Powell of Clifton b. and Alley Clark.s.

Aug 6th          James Etherington b. and Caroline Hock.s.

Sep 17th         John Millard b. and Mary Benson.s.

Dec 3rd          William Adams b. and Lucrecia White.s.

1782   Jan 29th         John Shepherd b. and Sarah Denroy of Abbots Leigh.s.

         Feb 11th        George Blackford wid and Joan Reed. wid.lic.

         Apr 8th          Joseph Cray wid. and Sarah Hillin wid.

         May 14th       James Powell b. and Betty Batt.s.

         Jun 18th         Thomas Nutsford b. and Ann Cope.s.

         Aug 20th        Isaac Thomas wid. and Mary Adams.s.

         Oct 26th         Joseph Nicolas b. and Mary Brisson.wid.lic.

         Oct 29th         James Juba wid and Jane Pearce.s.

         Dec 2nd         Robert Rowles of Portbury b. wid. and Elizabeth Hodges.s.

Dec 27th        Thomas Rumney of St. George b. and Sarah Little.

1783   Jan 13th         Benjamin Gibbs b. and Hannah Thayer.s.

         Jan 27th         Thomas Stevens b. and Ann Gunney.s.

         Feb 10th         George Buck b. and Frances Bellomy.s.

         Feb 21st         Erasmus Peeps b. and Jane Philips.s.(Peelps)

         Apr 10th        Thomas Napper of Portbury wid. and Budding Hardwicke.s.

         May 6th         James Pugh b. and Hannah Cullimore.

         May 27th       George Harris and Elizabeth Stevens.s.

         Jun 11th         William Westlake b. and Hester Dando.s.

         Jun 23rd         William Murphy and Esther Hippet. (Tippet)

         Jul 7th           Samuel Cole b. and Sarah Cope.s.

         Sep 30th         Mathew Gilmore b. and Mary Dando.s.

         Oct 16th         Thomas Spear b. and Ann Hazell.s.

         Oct 27th         Jacob Hook b. and Mary Iancock.s. (Jamock)

         Nov 13th        George Meagre wid. and Blanch Smith, wid

         Nov 13th        James Price b. and Jane Rogers.s.

1787    Jun 26th         Emanuel bailey and Christian Speare.s.

1795    Sep 30th         Joseph Warre b. and Catherine Weaver.s.

         Dec 28th        Thomas Rowles b. and Ann Morgan.s.

1800  May 15th         John Delatour b. and Mary Parfitt.s. lic.

         Jul 21st          James Tyler b. and Jane Collings.s.

         Aug 4th          William Bennet and Jane Morgan.

         Aug 21st        James Buck b. and Jane Adams.s.

         Sep 23rd        John Maskin wid. and Jane Bird.s.

         Nov 30th        Frederick Johnson b. and Mary Back. s.

1801    Jan 29th        Mathew Barkes b. and Joanna Bird.s.

         Mar 16th        Thomas Briant b. and Mary Shepherd.s.

         May 3rd        Peter Weaver b. and Sarah Morgan.s.

         June 15th        Daniel Stewart mariner and Mary Davis.

         Jul 27th          Richard Gould mariner b. and Elizabeth Westfield.s.

         Aug 10th        James Rumley b. and Sarah Slaney.s.

         Dec 7th          James Woodal of Backwell and Hannah Prescott.s. lic.

1802    Jan 4th          William Goodland wid. and Elizabeth Pryer.s.

         Apr 19th        James Cox b. and Elizabeth Higgins.s.

         Oct 4th          Thomas Reed b. and Rebecca Martin.s.

Oct 7th          James Hurk b. and Elizabeth Baker.s.

1803    May 9th        Richard Spear of Wraxall wid.and Rebecca Vimpeny.s.

         Sep 26th         William Porter b. and Elizabeth Rowles of Portbury.s.

         Nov 9th         John Cray b. and Mary Hale.s.

Nov 21st        Abraham Carter (waterman) and Catherine Sully.

1804    Apr 18th        Isaac Lowscomb b. and Frances Westfield.s.

         May 12th       Thomas Cox b. and Mary Doggatt.s.

         June 25th        Henry Morgan b. and Sarah Spear, wid.

         Dec 3rd          John Collins b. and Sarah Collins.s.

         Dec 10th        Joseph Cray b. and Mary Bayley.s.

         Dec 11th        Thomas Hinton (Shenton) of Portbury b. and Celia Attrey. s.

1805    Sep 23rd        John Porter b. and Ann Porter, wid.

1806    Feb 17th        Christopher Harris b. and Cordelia Morgan.s.

         Sep 8th          William Grey b. and Sarah Stevens.s.

         Sep 15th         John Morris b. and Jane Stone.s.

         Nov 4th         James Fisher b. and Hannah Taylor.s.

1807    Mar 30th        James Hinton of Portbury b. and Sarah Shepherd.

         July 26th        John Cox b. and Sarah Hall.s.

         Aug 18th          Nathaniel Corkins/ b. and Ann Price.s.

         Oct 25th         James Vowles b. and Sarah Gilmore.s.

1808    Jan 18th        Thomas Reason b. and Mary Thinchin.s.

         Jan 21st         William Webby wid. and Ann Bryan.s.

         Mar 28th        Thomas Werham b. and Elizabeth Shepherd.s.

         Apr 19th        James Short b. and Jane Steadfall. s.

         May 30th       James Granger b. and Mary Call.s.

         Oct 24th         William Banes (Barnes) b. and Jemima Holbrook.s.

1809    Jan 19th         Henry Cox b. and Sarah Coombe.s.

         Feb 7th          James Morris and Ann Malouna.

         Apr 10th        Joseph Pethrick b. and Catherine Peacock. s.

         Dec 10th        James Gilmore b. and Jane Hall.s.

1810    May 15th      Abraham Parnell of Portbury b. and Mary Comer.s.lic.

1811    Sep 10th        William Bullock b. and Ann Newman.s.

1812    Jan 27th         Thomas Parsons wid. and Elizabeth Reed.s.

         Mar 30th        Thomas Hunt b. and Jane Bowbear.s.

         Jul 6th           William Shepherd b. and Sophia Ball.